Pilot Training

SAF AEROGROUP pilot training is delivered by Starlite Aviation Training Academy, Durban and Mossel Bay, South Africa and X-Aero Training Academy, Albertville, France and La Réunion.

Starlite Aviation Training Academy  offers pilot training to commercial and government organisations from ab initio to advanced training for helicopter, aeroplane and drone pilots, as well as Virtual Reality mission training.

X-Aero Training Academy, establish in 2022 was born from the original SAF Training Academy, the French leader in ab initio and expert pilot training courses, and is a major EASA player offering an extended End to End Training solutions including EASA endorsed operational training.

Both Starlite and X-Aero Training, collaborate and plan to enhance their respective capabilities and extend their global reach.


Klara Fouche

Accountable Manager - Starlite Aviation Training

Nicolas Schilt

Head of Training X-Aero Training Academy