SAF Aerogroup History

SAF Aerogroup’s story began with two visionaries, Jean Capoulade  and Roland Fraissinet who on their individual aviation quests, recognised the potential and requirements for helicopter services. In the early 1970’s, Jean Capoulade established Hélicap in Paris and ten years later Roland Fraissinet founded Secours Aéfien Française (SAF) in Savoy. Each company grew and diversified their services, one offering SMURS services and the other developing its mountain rescue division.

In 2006 the companies amalgamated and the SAF Group was established. With shared values, the company expanded their helicopter services. In 2021, the SAF Group widened their expertise and offering expanding their fleet to include fix wing aircraft and their reach into Africa and the Middle East. They amalgamated with renowned operating companies to accommodate their strategic plans and expansion specialising in air operations, maintenance, training, aircraft sales and crew services.

SAF AEROGROUP has been progressively being built from companies of high reputation in their field, highly skilled and engaged personnel and premier world class helicopters and aircraft brands in the fleet; SAF AEROGROUP operators share the same DNA turned to safe and reliable aviation services, and are today serving a vast range of aerial solutions globally at the highest safety and reliability standards.

Our moto: Mission First.