About Us

SAF Aerogroup comprises of global companies with proven track records in the aviation industry, managed by a superior team of aviation experts with exceptional ‘know-how’. Highly skilled and dedicated teams of 500 employees operate from 8 bases and 4 pilot training academies, making for innovative, agile and increased growth and development prospects.  The diversity of the company opens up a wide market. Our aim: to become the premier global player in airborne services and a formidable force with which to be reckoned.

SAF AEROGROUP’s vision: to become a global leader providing the full range of mission-aviation services to multinational organizations, governments and commercial companies. These services are and will be moreover delivered using all necessary means (aircraft, helicopters, drones, augmented or virtual-reality technologies, night-vision imagery systems etc.). SAF AEROGROUP has a deep-rooted culture of mission-completed, our teams are adopting and embed innovative solutions to increase the value to customers. SAF AEROGROUP’s core values: Safety. Respect for Commitments and People. Solidarity and Support. Our aim: to operate our business to the highest ethical standards. Our organisation is Global; SAF AEROGROUP is providing its operating companies with strong corporate functions and pooled and efficient financings, while preserving locally-specific brands, know-how and business agility trusting empowered and incentivized teams.


“SAF AEROGROUP  is an Euro-African, solution driven aviation company. Our group is offering a wide range  of helicopter, aeroplane and drones services, focusing on providing mission ready aircraft for multi- task configurations worldwide. Our portfolio is impressive, having operated in over 40 countries on 5 continents in some of the harshest, hostile and austere environments, for the past 40 years.

We are trusted long-term partners to corporate, governmental, international organizations and military customers, and  are considered one of the market leaders in the fields of airborne operation contract work,  maintenance and logistics,  pilot training and consulting. maintenancetraining  and aircraft salesOur pilot recruitment process is stringent.  They undergo high-level annual training annually, are evaluated twice annually on their knowledge and attend specific courses on risk factors. On the maintenance front, our aircraft are entrusted to our technical departments, who undergo regular audits on the quality of their maintenance and systems. Before each flight, ground teams ensure the feasibility and safety of the mission.

Every effort is made to honour our commitments, however, the possible unforeseen events, particularly weather, inherent in our business, is a factored into all our airborne contract work. The size of our fleet and the geographical distribution of our bases affords us flexibility to to find the best solutions for each situation to suit client requirements. Our structure, key positioning globally and our experience in rapid deployment of aircraft, accounts for our rapid response to our clients.  Operations offices and technical teams are available 24/7.

Major operators of helicopter services in France for more than 40 years, the SAF Group  address the helicopter ecosystem through its air operation, helicopter maintenance and training companies. Operating circa 73 helicopters, 2 full flight simulators and providing  maintenance on various types, SAF is led by structured values;

Safety, respect of commitment and people and solidarity are the pillars on which we deliver the best services to our customers 24/7, 365 days a year.


SAF AEROGROUP  is a ‘Euro-African’, solution driven aviation company consisting of numerous subsidiaries. Whilst each company maintains their special skills set,  their combined capabilities offer responsive, solution driven and decisive decision-making, protecting our customers’ interests and offering them the finest aviation solutions. The group shareholders are robust,  supportive of the management teams and are extremely business-focused. Their commitment to the development and growth of SAF AEROGROUP, is key for our credibility in establishing solid, long-term partnerships.